GW2: back to basics

After several very frustrating attempts at the Tequatl Rising event, where the numerous horde of players present failed to get the beast down to even 50%, we’ve pretty much given up on seeing him downed. Rather than feel dejected at the random luck of groupings we’ve had based on the vagaries of overflow and the time/day we happened to be there, I felt I needed to take a step back from such activities.

Orrian vista

Orrian vista

For me Guild Wars 2 at its best is about exploring the world of Tyria as much as it is about slaying and loot. The dragon fight is very ‘raid-like’ in its requirement of considerable coordination at the swarm level, yet also a lot of movement and observation at the individual level.

A moment of calm

A moment of calm

After two attempts this weekend, both failed, I’d gained nothing but a repair bill. After the second attempt we ported back over Orr to do some exploring. The first event we happened across and joined in on gave us loads of greens and blues, plus some of the new ascended level crafting mats from the randomised sacs. We also did a vista, four skill points and grabbed some more points of interest and way points.


These exploration ‘achievements’ gave us a lot more satisfaction than smacking our heads against the Tequatl brick-wall. I have nothing against the boss event, but I do hope in future some of the Living Story releases will be less about concentrating the playerbase into zergs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that encourages us to spread out to the far corners of the world as well?

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  1. João Carlos says:

    And Orr is back to be the main end content of GW2…

    Ah, the irony!

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