Blizzard Authenticator and iOS7

A Tentonhammer article posted Wednesday warns of potential problems with your iOS device Authenticator app that could result from upgrading the device’s operating system to version 7.

I must admit, despite being a techy, I’m very lazy when it comes to my own tech and especially my iPhone. I rarely follow the IT press anymore so would only notice a new version of iOS when I got around to running app updates, which I do very rarely.

Years ago I ran foul of this kind of problem, I swapped phones in a hurry without thinking about what apps I had loaded – this naturally broke my Authenticator since it is phone specific. Since learning from my mistake I make sure to de-attach these apps before upgrading – it’s worth the extra 5 mins of admin to be safe!

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4 Responses to Blizzard Authenticator and iOS7

  1. Jonny 5iVe says:

    An authenticator on a mobile device always seemed like a terrible idea to me.

    If you’re phone breaks, gets lost, or the authenticator app suddenly won’t load (something which happens a lot with iOS apps), then not only have you lost your phone, you can’t play your favorite MMO.

    If some banks still don’t require this much security, why the hell should an MMO?

    Yes, my WoW account was hacked before. The outcome? I couldn’t use it for 72 hours while the matter was investigated and my stuff restored… Once in seven years that happened. I imagine if I had a mobile authenticator on my phone, I would’ve ran into problems a lot more frequently than that.

    • Telwyn says:

      It depends on your views on security. Personally I’m happier having an authenticator than not, which annoys me about SoE games as the physical authenticator is only available State-side and there’s no app to replace that here. We had several different WoW guild-buddies over the years who took a break from the game and suddenly their account was hacked and we as the active players had to deal with shutting that down before they could rob the guild-bank blind. It’s not just you as a player who can be affected by this stuff.

      Actually after that first issue with WoW I’ve not had problems since. I’ve certainly never had apps refuse to load but then I do shut my phone down every night and keep an eye on how much is loaded (via the double click task menu thingy)

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Even though I have never had a problem with my Blizzard Authenticator, this has spared me a big headache

  3. Thank you for the advice – I would certainly miss i and am planning to update to iOS7 this weekned, so your post is just in tme to stay safe

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