GW2: Tequatl Rising

The latest living story content release Tequatl Rising (official release) features a revamped dragon fight with the undead dragon Tequatl. As it happens we tried it on Tuesday, the date of the patch, but the new content wasn’t yet active so we vanquished the dragon one last time on easy-mode.

A successful kill pre-patch

A successful kill pre-patch

Yesterday we checked the dragon timer and logged in to give the new version of the fight a go. We were stuck in overflow for the fight so the dragon timer wasn’t actually much help as there are no such timers for events on overflow servers. Also overflow servers are regional so communication could be a big problem for European players given the number of languages among the player base.

Fish head minefield

Fish head minefield

The fight was a mess to be honest. Lots of area damage attacks, very nasty additional undead enemies – in particular groups of Krait that can pull a character back and forth to a very quick and unavoidable death. We tried twice and there was some discussion before the fight over tactics but the fight was mostly watching players succumb quickly to overwhelming damage. The time of these attempts was a factor as it was during the day, but then should world boss fights be designed to only be possible during a certain time of day?

There were some heated debates afterwards in map chat over what should have been done different. Several players linked the world first kill of the dragon on the server Blackgate in the US (spoilerific Twitch TV video of kill). Having watched it I find there’s no so much to take away from it. How can we expect to match the efforts of a 100+ guild raid using voicechat? The overflow issue makes coordination even worse, I expect it’ll be way past the end of this Boss Week event before we get to see a successful kill.

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  1. Mekhios says:

    We had a similar experience on Sea Of Sorrows. 🙂

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