Diablo III to lose auction house

Interesting news for Diablo III fans from Blizzard (see official notice)- they’ll be completely removing the auction house system (both in-game gold and real money versions) by March of next year. The news is good since the auction house really made crafting and loot drops superfluous since the zerg of players who were playing the game at a faster pace were finding much better items on harder difficulty modes. Letting them sell or trade those items to people who were at an earlier point in the game was a very bad idea for the level of challenge.

There’s a rather awkward video of two of the game’s dev team repeating the same message with an extra helping of public relations speak – things like “we really short-circuited our core reward loop” (i.e. we broke the game) and “we felt that the right decision is to preserve the integrity of the gameplay experience of Diablo,” (don’t you mean restore the integrity?).

In any case it is nice to see a developer admitting they’ve made a pretty major mistake and are putting in changes to correct it. It’s a strange co-incidence that we played the game for the first time in months this last weekend. Personally I don’t think “Loot 2.0” will be enough to make me want to play Diablo III again. The story was so underwhelming that we didn’t bother finishing it when the game launched even on normal mode. I’ll admit that story probably isn’t a big motivator for most players who play this genre. We may get around to finishing it one day, but it’s probably better to wait until they’ve released the new loot system.

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