LOTRO vs FFXIV, choice time again

I find myself yet again with a dilemma of which game to concentrate on for solo gaming. That equates to two or three evenings a week, plus the odd morning on a weekend if time permits. My interest in EQ2 is mostly on hold because of the instant level 85 question. Our interest in Guild Wars 2 seems to have waned for the moment, perhaps we’ll log in to do the revamped dragon fight once for some screenshots.

So I’m currently playing LOTRO again and enjoying the leveling. My champion is now level 63 and is making good progress through the Mirkwood expansion content.

In FFXIV I’ve reached the point where I need to start thinking longer term if I play. The extended free time given to v1.0 owners will run out next week so I don’t have long to make this decision. My conjurer is now 16 if I want to unlock a ‘job’ – an advanced class that requires you to have leveled two basic classes to a certain level (more details).

There’s an actual choice to be made that involves a good deal of time investment. In FFXIV I can be all things if I put enough time in, not all at once, but I could unlock all these jobs eventually. This is about what to do first.

Before that I need to decide whether to bother subscribing to the game in the first place. According to this info page it would be £7.69 a month for an entry-level sub – that’s one character only per world, which is fine as my one character can be any class in the game.

The alternative is to finally crack on with leveling a character towards the cap in LOTRO. I’m lucky enough to have a lifetime sub in that game so I have all the benefits of the subscription without any worries that I’m “not playing enough to justify the fee” or whatever.

I’ll hold my hand up that last time I was in this dilemma I choose Rift over LOTRO and that, on balance, was probably a bad decision for me personally since I didn’t like the leveling in Storm Legion. So it leaves me wondering whether I should give FFXIV a try or just get on with my journey through Middle Earth…

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  1. tsuhelm says:

    I am lucky not to be able to make that decision, if it was 5 years ago I would probably go FFIV…

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