LOTRO: puzzle in the dark

Yesterday I happened to play through an excellent epic ‘book quest’ set in the depths of Moria. For those who haven’t played this, it’s Volume II, Book 8, Chapter 3 – A Relic in Lumul-nar. If you want to avoid spoilers stop reading now!

The whole instance is very atmospheric as you descend down rough-hewn chambers following a path of light reflected by the oft encountered mirrors erected by the original settlers of Khazad-dûm (i.e. the Kingdom of Moria).


The are several sections to the instance, each requiring you to solve a ‘light beam’ puzzle by repositioning mirrors to shine daylight further into the depths.


The puzzles involve a lot of running around, up and down ramps, and falling accidentally (cough) if you’re not careful! There are Merrevail to oppose your progress but this instance doesn’t require the ‘god mode’ inspiration buff to solo as they are few and far between.

I loved the pacing of the instance. I’d done others in the book recently and all involved fighting hordes of orcs or talking to NPCs while fighting hordes of orcs. This one was very little fighting and a lot of peering across chamber to see what mirrors were nearby and how they might be repositioned.


I would have been possible to skip most if not all of book 8, since I’ve had book 9 chapter 1 in my quest log since soon after my arrival in Lothlórien. But I give my wholehearted recommendation to do them as they seem varied and mechanically something out of the ordinary.

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