FFXIV: Armoursets, gear and swimwear in the forest

I discovered yesterday while browsing that there are armoursets in FFXIV available from the character screen.


It’s standard stuff, but seems well enough implemented. You can store your current equipped items as a gearset and then swap between sets by simply right clicking them and choosing ‘equip’. By default the gearset is named after your current class – the basic idea being you have one per class you have unlocked. I seem to be upgrading gear a lot and your armour chest fills up with similar items so it’s really important to use this feature or you’ll find yourself running guildleves in a crafting vest (*cough*) or similar.

I’m keeping a couple of bits of level 1 gear (chest, legs, feet) in case I choose to start leveling any new classes – I’d rather avoid running around in underwear until I find something I can equip that’s suitable! Not that it would be out-of-place at present. There’s some strange festival started which involves FATEs with bomb-things and swimwear (Lodestone article about this).


I’ll happily ignore this, just like I did with the equivalent in Rift and Tera, . I mean perhaps near Limsa Limosa it would make sense – you know on the coast? But people running around a forest wearing swimwear in all weathers is just plain bizarre.


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  1. tsuhelm says:

    In fact with that long black cloak you look creepy…with all the swimwear clad chars running around! …erm..incongruous!

    Careful the police don’t come and take you away!

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