FFXIV: guildhests, guildleves and FATE fun

I’ve found myself rather enjoying FFXIV as I play on into my extra week of free time. The game has a language of its own; with activities like guildhests and guildleves. The former seem to be single fight practice instances for group play. The latter are daily quests which you trigger in a marked zone of the open world; guildleves cover combat, gathering and crafting activities.

My first guildleve in ARR

My first guildleve in ARR

I’ve mostly been doing questing and FATEs so far in the game but eventually I did enough of the quests related to helping the local guards to unlock the guildleve system. Like a lot of game elements, the guildleve system is not available at first for A Realm Reborn players – you have to unlock it by following the city quests in your starter zone. The combat-oriented battleleves I’ve done so far seem easy enough. I’ve done three on +4 level difficulty without being in any real danger.

Lovely artwork for these daily quests!

Lovely artwork for these daily quests!

I’ve also done two guildhests, repeatable quests that teleport you into a random group instance. These are simple tasks, so far both were single fights with a few adds to the main boss creature. I joined both as healer and was able to avoid any deaths although I did have to concentrate on healing more than doing damage. The general level of player skill hasn’t been that bad considering these are effectively introductory content. The rewards from guildhests are a good amount of XP and a serious amount of money. Doing two took my total money from about 5K gil to nearer 8K!

I also did a rather fun FATE involving a nasty giant slug. The creature had a large area damage attack. Initially I healed an archer who was kitting the thing around in circles like a pro. Then a lancer joined who kept stabbing the thing in the back but also taking unnecessary damage from the area attack – typical melee DPS not moving out of telegraphed attacks! It was a movement heavy fight as the archer was kite-tanking the thing. When it ‘died’ I was shocked to see it split into two, we killed those and then they both split again! Suddenly we were facing a rapidly multiplying crowd of mini-bosses.


At this stage I had to have shout for some common sense. I was getting beat on by several of the beasts and the others (by now a pugilist had also joined the fray) were too busy in “solo mode” to pay attention. A quick “tank them or no heals people!” and the archer and the lancer started quickly peeling them off me. Nice that they did actually pay attention to a request during a FATE as these events do tend to be a bit of a mindless zerg.

All in all a good session of group content and a chance to start developing a sense of healing in the game.

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3 Responses to FFXIV: guildhests, guildleves and FATE fun

  1. tsuhelm says:

    ‘When it ‘died’ I was shocked to see it split into two, we killed those and then they both split again!’
    A MMO that surprised, nay, SHOCKED! Sounds great.

    • Telwyn says:

      It really was a fun and frantic fight. Maybe nothing special compared to raid bosses in most MMOs but this was out in the open and in a very low level area (14ish). This game doesn’t pull its punches for newbies!

      • tsuhelm says:

        And why should it pull its punches…shouldn’t these be the target ‘audience’, if you want to keep the game alive the newbs are the players coming to the game…if (and when in most cases nowadays) the game gets ‘top’ heavy the game will slowly stagnate (I was going to say die but too strong!)

        Get them in and let them have fun all the way to cap…then end game…but keep new blood coming and if you have to update/extend end game to keep the top happy!

        Re extending end games…when does the balance break – soon lv95 LOTRO…too high? Chatter of auto lv 50 items, maybe or maybe not a good idea…

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