Rested experience bonus

How important is having the rested bonus to experience when you play? Many MMOs have this feature: when you’re not playing your characters build up a certain amount of rested bonus. They then receive a set bonus (e.g +50%) to experience gains until the rested bonus is used up. Depending on the game, this rested bonus may only apply to certain types of experience, such as quest reward XP or the XP earned from killing creatures.

Back when we were playing WoW it was an unwritten rule when leveling characters that we’d normally only play with the rested bonus. In our friends & family guild we all had multiple alts so this wasn’t much of a hardship.

Logging off in an inn was the norm in Azeroth

Logging off in an inn was the norm in Azeroth

Playing LOTRO this weekend I realised my champion main character was rapidly running out of the blue bar that sits at the end of his current experience total. I could of course have ignored this and carried on leveling him. But something deepset in my gaming subconscious rebelled at the thought of being that inefficent. Naturally I have a stable of barely touched alts in that game too so my captain got some leveling attention for a change of pace.

I also played some FFXIV this weekend and happened to unlock the inn room in Gridania. This means if I log off in my inn room that I’ll build up rested experience bonus in that game too. That’s pretty restrictive location-wise though if I need to go back to the inn to recoup this bonus. In LOTRO it always comes back regardless of where you stop playing. In WoW it comes back faster if you are in a rested area (anywhere in a big city or in an inn elsewhere) but there are always options in every zone for this.


Do you bother with this rested bonus when leveling characters?

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3 Responses to Rested experience bonus

  1. *vlad* says:

    I only bother to play my alts if they have a rested bonus (unless they are already at cap, of course). Once it runs out, they go back to sleep.

  2. Over the summer when I was playing LOTRO, I got into a regular pattern of playing out the blue bar on a couple of chars every day. They changed up LOTRO so the blue bar doesn’t accumulate over time but rather just drops a set amount on you every day, an amount that never grows further. So that influence my play style heavily.

    On the other hand, being back to the 1-60 game in WoW, blue bar seems almost like an excess. Since you practically get experience for emotes at this point in Azeroth, I barely pay attention to the bonus experience. Plus, in WoW, the bonus xp doesn’t apply to quest rewards, which gives you the bulk of your xp most days. So even a little blue bar can last a long time if you’re doing quests that don’t kill anything.

    There was a time in WoW when the saddest phrase was “You feel normal.” Those days are gone. (I say that now, but will I at level 88?)

    • Telwyn says:

      “Since you practically get experience for emotes at this point in Azeroth” I laughed at that, great expression!

      Yep, feeling normal was a sad phrase back in the day.

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