EQ2: the level 85 temptation

I’ve still been logging into Everquest 2 a few times a week despite other distractions (FFXIV, LOTRO, Pax Imperia). I’d pulled back from playing as much to devote most of my free time to finishing a dissertation so in a sense I’d weaned myself off being quite so involved. Around the same time the SOE Live news started hitting the net and I found out there was going to be the ‘heroic character‘ thing.

That’s left me with the temptation to just give up on leveling a character and wait for an instant level 85. It’s not that I’m against the leveling process, far from it I actually enjoying questing and developing a character. I generally avoid using XP buffs beyond any ‘rested’ bonus (potions or veteran items). But I’m not keen on spending months leveling my inquisitor only to shelve him in favour of another instant level 85 character.

The beta testing of the expansion is scheduled for September 15th (see SOE Live slides) so I guess I won’t be putting off leveling for long before I see opinions on how this will work. So EQ2 is probably on the back burner for a few weeks…

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  1. jsquirrel says:

    The dates for everything in EQ2 have shifted around a bit. Here’s a link to the most recent Producer’s Letter on EQ2Wire: http://eq2wire.com/2013/09/06/producers-letter-coming-right-up/

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