SWTOR: dark side view of Athiss and Nar Shaddaa

After just over a month hiatus we finally reconvened our SWTOR leveling trio and had a blast! Over two evenings we played a good mix of content. First session was just normal planet/class story missions to get back into the swing of things. Session two we wanted to push ourselves more so we started with a run of Athiss; all three of us were level 22 with a healer/dps companion as fourth.

In we go!

In we go!

I’ve posted before that I love SWTOR flashpoints that have little shortcuts or bonuses for characters with the right crew skill. Athiss seems chock-full of these – a lift repaired with slicing, doors opened by archeology, bioanalysis to charm a beast as a temporary pet and salvaging to get a temporary droid pet.

Can I keep him?

Can I keep him?

The instance seemed pretty easy, compared with our duo experiences Republic side from a few months ago. Admittedly we know it a bit better now, and we had three human players rather than two.


After waltzing through Athiss we returned to Nar Shaddaa to do some more missions, and for a change gave a Heroic 4 (Crushing the Jedi Freedom Fighters) a try. Surprisingly we found this considerably harder than the flashpoint! We even wiped due to a bad pull, but overall it felt more tightly tuned than any flashpoint we’d done so far on this group. We had CC (Sorceror) and some interrupts but overall having four golds in one group seems a bit overboard considering how rarely you’d face that in an early game flashpoint. That said it was enjoyable to be challenged, just a shame it was at the end of the session when I was starting to get tired!


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3 Responses to SWTOR: dark side view of Athiss and Nar Shaddaa

  1. Shintar says:

    Yep, Heroic 4s are pretty much always harder and more time-consuming than flashpoints, because they tend to have no weak mobs, just strong and elite ones. A bit counter-intuitive I suppose, but still good fun if you like a bit of a challenge and a good opportunity to practice things like crowd control.

  2. OneCrazyPaladin says:

    Cool stuff! My wife and I might need to pick up and start playing this game again 🙂

    • Telwyn says:

      It is a great game to duo or trio with friends. Possibly the best way to play it (ignoring end-game raiding) and certainly one of the best MMOs for offering a good variety of group content.

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