FFXIV: questing, login issues and gathering

I’ve been feeling some pressure, self-imposed I suppose, over the time I have to play FFXIV before I need to make a decision over subbing or not. Despite my initial optimism on Saturday I did in the end encounter the same issues others have reported since the session in the early morning. When I tried to log back in after writing the blog entry I had the “world list” error affecting NA/EU servers – I couldn’t log back in on my EU server character and had no interest starting over again on a JP server.

Likewise Sunday morning I logged in fine twice and played a good amount. But coming back to the game in the late afternoon I encountered the “world is full” 1017 error. Normally I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at such issues, I’ve seen it before many times with other games such as SWTOR or Rift when they had full servers at launch.


But with only nine more days I am trying to play as much as I can to give the game a good try. Still compared to some rather angry forum posters, I didn’t do so badly. I managed to get all the questing done I’d seen in beta 3 and a good deal more besides.


I get the impression, at least at low-level, that there’s more than enough to level my first class through. I’m not doing every single quest and trying to stick to zones around my level. The zones do seem to blend into one another level-wise which is nice. I wandered between different sub-zones outside Gridania and found quests and creatures of an appropriate level in pockets around me. It wasn’t a strict progression of increasing levels as is the case in some streamlined MMOs.



I didn’t notice any telegraphed attacks in beta 3, but they’re certainly in the game now. Already by level ten I’m encountering creatures with wind-up attacks that are worth avoiding if you can. I didn’t find it always works to move out of the red zone, perhaps a lag issue or just my bad reactions. I hope interrupt abilities will offer an alternative to preventing this type of attack.

The general difficulty seems about average, though the mixed levels of creatures can offer a sudden challenge. The class quest for conjurer at level 10 also caused my first defeat, due to over-confidence I would suspect. I failed the first time but after a session upgrading a few pieces of outdated gear at the marketplace I triumphed on a second attempt.

Low gear made keeping the adds down a problem

Low gear made keeping the adds down a problem

I had also tried having a quick go at gathering. My character is a level 9 miner from version 1.0. But his skills to detect ore nodes weren’t showing anything nearby, perhaps because I’d been moved to Gridania as part of the changes to the game. I then tried to take botanist but found I couldn’t until I’d completed my main class quest at level 10. I’m not sure why the devs put restrictions on gathering classes in this way? I couldn’t equip the botanists tool at all until I’d finished the level 10 conjurer quest.

I was out of time by this point; hopefully next time I play I’ll get to do some gathering and crafting to see how they’ve both changed from version 1.0 days.

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3 Responses to FFXIV: questing, login issues and gathering

  1. bhagpuss says:

    At 18th in my first class, Arcanist, I feel as though I’ve barely touched the optional quests. XP piles in from everything you do. To get to 15th I did the Arcanist class quest to 15th, the main quest to somewhere around level 12, one complete quest hub and bits of two or three more and one full round of Guildleves. Add on every FATE I bumped into – a lot – and a few Hunting Logs that completed by accident and presto, 15th.

    Catching the storyline and Hunting Log up to my level got me to 18 and will, I think, get me to 20th without having to do any side-quests. There seem to be plenty of ways to level without much risk of running out on the next class or the one after that, especially considering there are three Cities and their hinterlands to work through if needed.

    • Telwyn says:

      My only concern is I’ve not read enough about the later game. I’ve no real reason to be suspicious other than cynicism but will this game be like others (AoC) in that there’s vast amounts to do at lower level when you’re leveling faster anyway and then it tapers off just when the XP to level ramps up. Hopefully not, as you list there are non-questing activities anyway, it does seem like there’s a proper smorgasbord of options available.

  2. OneCrazyPaladin says:

    Cool cool. I’m thinking about getting that game too. But I might hold out for ESO…

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