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GW2: back to basics

After several very frustrating attempts at the Tequatl Rising event, where the numerous horde of players present failed to get the beast down to even 50%, we’ve pretty much given up on seeing him downed.┬áRather than feel dejected at the … Continue reading

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EQ2: more changes to Free to Play restrictions

I read via EQ Wire that there are changes coming to the Free to Play restrictions for Everquest II on 1st October (also the launch date for heroic characters). Gear unlocks will no longer be needed for the higher tiers … Continue reading

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Avoiding combat

Sometimes when I quest in MMOs I like to avoid combat if the quest doesn’t call for it. Maybe I’m just going from A to B on the map with a message or delivery. Ploughing the direct line between A … Continue reading

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Deviant Art – comparing spaceships

Via a Massively post of a link to the DeviantArt website, I’ve seen a piece comparing the sizes of various Sci-Fi spaceships. It’s a pretty impressive graphic with a huge amount of geek appeal. I was surprised by the … Continue reading

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EQ2: heroic characters – some finer details

I missed a couple of days ago the release of a FAQ detailing some more the forthcoming heroic characters in Everquest 2. When I first heard of this from the Sony Live announcement I was unaware of a couple of … Continue reading

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Dungeon Finder groups and story-gating

Bhagpuss has an excellent post on the Duty Finder system (for dungeons) in FFXIV that I read yesterday. He also talks about the gating of story within dungeons in this game. I find myself agreeing with this post, it accurately … Continue reading

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Earned convenience versus in-built convenience

MMORPGs generally feature a certain balance between convenience and inconvenience in your characters activities. For instance travel may be easy at high level but relatively slow and difficult at low-level. Likewise accessing your mail could be the main reason you … Continue reading

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