GW2: where story meets zerg

Had a session of Guild Wars 2 yesterday with my returned Asura buddy. This was fitting since it was the first anniversary of the games launch. We ran over to Divinity’s Reach first to check out the story although I think he’d missed the earlier Queen’s Jubilee living story episode as the instance turned out to be (without completely spoiling the story of this) Scarlet’s attempt at ‘an abduction’.

Boom, boom, boom, shake the room!

Boom, boom, boom, shake the room!

Then we headed off into the world to follow a trail set by the Asuran academic/ engineer/ all round genius Emissary Vorpp. This ran quickly to the barrier of needing to take readings from invasions. So we jumped to the ongoing invasion in Sparkfly Fen and proceeded to ‘zerg it up’ with the other players there. After the hour elapsed and victory was still nowhere near in sight the invasion event failed. It appears that we have to take part in five successfully defeated invasions to advance the story with Vorpp. This could be annoying as spending an hour wading through loot to then not make any progress isn’t so great from my perspective.

Red things everywhere!

Red things everywhere!

The fights are fun enough especially with someone else in the room involved as we can coordinate as a pair for combos and ressing. But our play time for GW2 is limited as, hopefully, the SWTOR leveling trio will soon be starting up again. Here’s hoping we manage to get our five successes before this event ends!

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8 Responses to GW2: where story meets zerg

  1. Meznir says:

    I really think they have made the timing of this too tight. Way too much to do in not enough time. We had a full zone of people zerging but still had a slither of completion to do when the timer ran out. We either needed more time or less completion. Seems a massive waste of 45 mins – 1 hr to have a black & white Event Failed, when so much effort was put in. I don’t see us getting 5 successes in before the end of the event or getting fed up with the zerging and losses.

    • Telwyn says:

      Yep. Requiring coordination is fine in a 5 man or 10 man group but when there’s 50-100 players milling around it’s not realistic…

      • João Carlos says:

        50-100 players is a lower estimate…

        That zones with invasion soemtimes have 200-400 players, everyone is farming this event before the skill 500 crafting comes.

  2. Ettesiun says:

    From my personnal stat, the failure rate is around 1/5 to 1/10. You seems to have been unlucky !

  3. chromebiatch says:

    Basically half of the events we’ve taken part in have failed, and last night we were just booted off the server completely, with 5 minutes left on the clock!!! I felt like strangling someone.

    It does feel like wasted time. We have managed to successfully do 7 of these, but there’s 7 more wasted hours on the game. I count them as full hours because you have to spend 15 – 20 minutes sorting your stuff out before the next one. I am getting really sick of it and I think I’m just going to forget about it now and concentrate on filling in the world map.

  4. Jeromai says:

    If you participated in at least one Twisted watchwork portal closing DE and stuck around for the zone reward at the end, I believe the achievements should increment, regardless of what stage the invasion ended.

    You may want to check your achievement tab (press H) and see if the 5 invasion counter for Vorpp incremented.

  5. OneCrazyPaladin says:

    Seems like a pretty tough event.

    • Telwyn says:

      @João I play Asura so it’s easy to lose track of all those legs running around 😉

      In general the events are good fun but they do seem tuned slightly too hard or at least they need better feedback of what players should actually be doing to avoid a failure.

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