LOTRO: Bounder’s bounty

So out of curiosity I took a first stab at playing Lord of the Rings Online during the Bounder’s Bounty server event. Logging in there was no festival-style pop-up quest waiting. I knew from the Dev Diary entry that the NPCs associated with the event were in Michel’s Delving, so I swift-traveled over to see what was going on there:

Work on a statue is ongoing.

Work on a statue is ongoing.

So I can checkout Laurelin’s progress towards the massive 1,750,000 goal by visiting the statue and hovering my mouse over it (see above screenshot). I’d last left this character sat at the Elven camp outside the east gate of Moria. Time to get questing and hunting for tokens!

Objectives ahoy!

Objectives ahoy!

I played for about two hours slaying orcs, collecting some stone fragments and burning orc supplies. As part of this play session I happened to ding level 60, I had no idea he was so close so, sadly, I didn’t grab a screenshot of the moment. Hand space became an issue but one among the UI improvements since I last played is a proper inventory overflow system.


Note the notification icon bottom right and the overflow loot display window middle-left. After I finished I needed to sort out my inventory properly so I mapped back to 21st Hall and had a quick vendor/bank/auction session.

It was only at the end that I remembered about the Bounder’s Tokens. Sorting through my bags it appeared I’d received none at all. I thought I’d better check the forums just to be sure it hadn’t auto-slotted into the wallet or somewhere else less obvious.

They are a yellow item and it is called “Bag of Bounders Tokens.”

Nope. Definitely no bags of tokens to show for my orc-slaying. According to the forum thread about this the drop chance seems very low at present. That’s not necessarily such a big deal though as this is a RNG-heavy event and is meant to last until the Helm’s Deep expansion launches this Fall. Clearly if players could grind Tokens with any reliability then, knowing MMO players, the event would be capped in a scarily short time. I guess Turbine knows how they want to pace the event. I’ll give it a few more sessions before I pass judgement.

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  1. acbarberi says:

    Ah too bad. No bag.

  2. tsuhelm says:

    My little (lv11) hobbit burgler on Laurelin ‘won’ a large bag of tokens from the welcome hobbit present today…so 100 tokens donated, will check how many more tokens to go tomorrow!

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