Two interesting tidbits

A couple of items from my reader really interested me today.

Firstly a discussion of a quote on subscriptions via Bio Break:

1.Fewer players will try your game.

4. Also, the subscription model will put pressure on players to leave the game as soon as they feel like they are ‘done’ with the game.

Of the four numbered points in the quote the first and fourth really chime with me. It’s very certain I will not be paying to try Elder Scrolls. I’m just not that big a fan of the franchise. I’m also pretty certain I won’t be playing Wildstar either because of the announcement.

However I also agree with the last point made. With World of Warcraft (and before free to play conversion also Rift, and SWTOR) I may play the game when new content launches, but I will also unsubscribe again as soon as I’ve done with that content. I’m just not prepared anymore to throw away money on a monthly basis if I’m not actively playing a game. Free to play does offer the freedom to dip in and out of games more regularly regardless of content releases.

Secondly watch the Wildstar Devspeak video about Crowd Control abilities. It’s interesting enough, although if your weapon gets knocked away in the game world when you are disarmed I *hope* it can’t fall down a slope or get stuck in the terrain – that would be pretty harsh! Anyway the video is worth watching for the amusing little ‘reveal’ at the end…


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  1. acbarberi says:

    Cool. I need to check out that WildStar video. Thanks.

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