Server event in LOTRO

I’ve just read about the Bounder’s Bounty event for Lord of the Rings Online and it sounds interesting.

Cooperative server-wide events can be a fun activity to get people playing together and chatting beyond their immediate guild (Kin) or circle of friends.

I did rather enjoy the concept behind the staged release of the Isle of Thunder content for WoW – there was a progress bar for you faction which purported to be related to unlocking then next stage. In reality said progress bar seemed to be time locked as well and also seemed to move backwards as well as forward…

In any case I’ll have to dust of my LOTRO client at least to see what the tasks are and how the server progression is tracked. It appears progress comes from players collecting random drop tokens and handing stacks of those in. Ateast that means you can contribute through normal questing or instance runs, although the apparent lack of dedicated activities will distance your character from the event somewhat.

I missed out on the more infamous server progression events of the past like the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj in vanilla WoW. The description of this LOTRO event sounds like it’ll focus on individual actions rather than mass combat against a giant common enemy. Still it’s worth a quick look to see what Turbine have planned.

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2 Responses to Server event in LOTRO

  1. acbarberi says:

    Cool beans. I might get back into the game to see what’s going on.

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