Wildstar, where’s the money sink?

Posting on the go so it’ll be brief. All the discussions on the ‘return of the subscription’ have me pondering the PLEX like CREDD in Wildstar.

In Eve there’s a strong element of PVP, whether small pirate actions or massive fleet battles. This PVP serves an important function as a substantial money sink. I wonder if the Carbine devs expect similar in wildstar to prevent CREDD trading from, potentially, flooding the in-game economy with real money traded cash?

Many AAA MMOs have had problems with inflation. I imagine in any game with a mechanism for trading real money for cash that the economy would need tighter controls and carefully designed money sinks to keep the CREDDs flowing.

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  1. acbarberi says:

    Diablo III is doing the whole pay money to get in-game currency thing. At least, players can sell their gold on the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) in trade for real money.

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