GW2: Clockwork Chaos

The new event is called Clockwork Chaos, and chaotic it most definitely is! Forty or so minutes of running around the map looking for red crosses and killing anything with a red name.


There didn’t seem to be much challenge involved, other than dodging out of red circles occasionally. Map chat was full of contradictory shouted ‘orders’ from self-styled commanders of the zerg. Targets were fairly obvious though: there were plenty of gold or silver boss monsters to kill. The loot comes thick and fast and I had to break out of the melee at least once to clear my inventory.


At the end you get to fight some NPC called Scarlet I gather, although I’ve not actually even seen her since she appears very suddenly at the end of the event and dies within seconds to the zerg. If you’re not nearby, you’re out of luck. The last time I did the event this session she died so quickly I hadn’t even realised she had spawned and it was over.


The event is giving vast amounts of loot, even if it’s greens and blues that I don’t need. It is allowing me to gather some much needed gold as I’ve not played the game very intensively so even my main character is certainly very poor compared to most veterans. I imagine since it’s a ‘farming’ activity that it would be  a lot more fun with a couple of friends in tow. Maybe if it’s still going after the weekend I’ll give that a try.

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4 Responses to GW2: Clockwork Chaos

  1. chromebiatch says:

    I had to give up very quickly last night after being shoved in overflows – perhaps I’ll be able to try it tonight.

  2. acbarberi says:

    Looks cool! I am definitely going to have to pick up Guild Wars 2. I’m hoping the price will come down first though.

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