EQ2: Fishing in hot water

So I finally had some time last night to go back to leveling my fishing. After swimming around the waters of Butcherblock many times, and then jumping between the hot springs of the Steamfont Mountains I had reached 190 fishing and could return to Lavastorm to progress my quest.


The use of gathering skills in questing is a nice touch in Everquest 2. It’s not a part of  many MMOs as there is a limit on the number of gathering skills a single character can take. But in Everquest 2 any character can progress all of the gathering skills and it doesn’t take long to catchup if you get behind.


In any case I did want to finally get this skill caught up, the stacks of fish I received as a result of all this fishing went straight into my shared bank for my cook alt to use at some point. The coincidental surprise at handing in my lumps of molten rock and finishing the quest chain was I reached enough reputation with the Sootfoot Goblins to get a nifty new prefix title!


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3 Responses to EQ2: Fishing in hot water

  1. acbarberi says:

    Shared bank? All of your toons can share a bank in EQ2?

    • Telwyn says:

      Yes, when you visit a banker NPC there’s a lower section of slots for bags that is shared between all of your characters. It’s labelled ‘Shared’ I think.

  2. You don’t fish in EQ2, you harvest fish nodes. Fishing is an act of patience, of finding a nice spot with a good view and casting your line. In post-cataclysm Norrath, you run around the water’s edge looking for fish to collect. It has always been vaguely unsatisfying for me and fishing seems to always be the harvesting skill that my characters fall behind on. But if you want to do cooking, they will serve you well.

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