GW2: of festivals and portals

The Queen’s Jubilee living story event is now live on the server. As noted I’m not chasing achievements this time around but I did poke into the game for a look around last night. So I looked for the nearest balloon on the map to have a look at the new content, and after grabbing some free loot from an unguarded chest I took the free ride to Divinity’s Reach.


The main attraction seems to be in the Crown Pavilion where randomly spawning ‘purple’ boss mobs and a veritable horde of other lesser opponents provides entertainment for the celebrants in the six segmented arenas. Good fun for a while even on my up-scaled level 20 elementalist – though I had to keep my distance as the damage from attacks was pretty harsh for my character.

Let us celebrate the Queen's reign with a zerg!

Let us celebrate the Queen’s reign with a zerg!

In unrelated news I noticed a thread on the forums about the second set of portals in Lion’s Arch, showing some of them active (but not usable). Sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case on most servers. I’ve been wondering about these portals for months so I’d itching to know where they’ll lead – I do like a good mystery!

So when do these become active?

So when do these become active?

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5 Responses to GW2: of festivals and portals

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Hmm. Did you spot the Hobo-bot or whatever he’s called? He’s a hovering mechanoid busking in Divinity’s Reach. He has a good deal of very amusing banter with a human busker nearby but at one point the bot claims he’s busking to raise money for the Asuran portals.

    I took this as a joke meaning he was spare-changing for bus-fare, so to speak, and that’s probably what it is. If you want to over-analyze, though, Asuran Portals don’t actually charge any fee to use (unlike waypoints) so the analogy doesn’t hold. Could he actually be fundraising towards the construction of these new portals?

    • Telwyn says:

      Nope, though I’ve done very little of Divinity’s Reach so far so that’s not surprising to me. I’ll go look for him when I play next! We noticed the portals under construction in LA some time ago but wondered how long they’ve actually been there – again we haven’t actually 100% finished LA either. I think we need to spend some time exploring and ignoring the living story stuff for a good while just to enjoy that aspect of the game again.

  2. acbarberi says:

    Cool! I’ve never played GW2, but it looks neat! I already don’t like the player scaling though.

  3. I like this update. Chasing balloons (all of them, which is more than needed for achievement – because free chests!) is so much fun. 😀 Arena is good to make money too if you follow the zerg (look for commander icons). The upper floors contain true frustration though in the form of the solo arena Queen’s Gauntlet. Think I only made it half way through before running out of tickets / patience. Gotta try again later. 😛

    Also for kicks I dare you to jump off the large eagle in Crown Pavillion into the dark hole beneath. ^_~

    @acbarberi: scaling isn’t that bad. Just means you can’t curb-stomp (when scaled down) or be curb-stomped (when scaled up) as dramatically. A level 80 will always out perform a level 10 character regardless of scaling though, both in damage and survivability.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’ll give the arena a few more goes and maybe the solo thing, don’t get me wrong. But my eyelid starts twitching at the mere thought of yet another achievement ticklist – too much too soon on that front.

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