WoW: a guess at 6.0

Yesterday I watched the “Burden of Shaohao” lore teaser video for the current Mists of Pandaria. It’s related to quests and lore objects in the game telling the history of the last Emperor of Pandaria.

The video peaked my interest because it mentions the Great Sundering and the Burning Legion demons. Now it’s not news to most WoW fans that the next expansion is rumoured to be themed on the Burning Legion, that is to say connected with the major theme of the first expansion, the Burning Crusade. That this has been referenced in this video made think two things in quick succession:

  1. (Obviously) Blizzard are hinting at the tie-in with the Burning Legion for the aftermath of the Mists expansion
  2. Perhaps the fact that this links to the past of Azeroth, to the Great Sundering, means that we’ll be interacting with those events more in the expansion to come? Maybe it’ll be a time travel expansion trying to limit/thwart the origins of the Legion?

There have been time travel adventures in WoW since the Caverns of Time were first introduced. More recently there were time travel instances used in Cataclysm to foresee the destruction Deathwing could bring on the world if he were not stopped.

Will the next expansion see us travelling back to the distant past to take on the Legion once more?

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  1. acbarberi says:

    Going back to the stories from the past would be much better. The current story sucks, in my opinion. Pandaria’s story is so boring.

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