EQ2: heroic characters

Part of the Everquest 2 announcement last Friday was that the next expansion will herald the introduction of heroic characters, i.e. characters that start at level 85 (with AAs and a set of legendary gear). This isn’t the first time such a ‘leg-up’ has been offered to players of an MMO, although there’s no requirement to have a higher level character beforehand.

This puts me in the potential dilemma of skipping a lot of leveling content since my current highest character is merely level 52. I’ve moaned in the past that constantly feeling way behind the level cap can be a big de-motivational factor, one that leads me personally to feel less and less inclined to log into a game. I haven’t yet felt this with Everquest 2, but still I have a long way to go. Couple this problem with the fact that almost all of the other players in my guild have at least one if not multiple level 95 characters already and you can understand perhaps the temptation to jump ahead.

My faithful inquisitor, soon to be put on the shelf?

My faithful inquisitor, soon to be put on the shelf?

I want to be able to play the game with other people, to experience the excitement of new content at the time it is launched and not a year or more afterwards. So it’s highly probable I’ll take SoE up on this offer of a shortcut to (near) the end-game. That’s sad in terms of the wonderful content I’ll be skipping over, but at least it’s not going anywhere and I can always molo older stuff to see it later.

The follow-up question, a more difficult one to answer, will be what class to create at level 85. I’ll not create another inquisitor, that one I can continue to level in the background. I have some other low-level characters I like as they are now (a shadowknight, a warlock and a warden). So beyond that what could I make? A dirge or mystic/defiler perhaps or even a beastmaster…

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2 Responses to EQ2: heroic characters

  1. acbarberi says:

    Wow, cool! I just barely played EverQuest 2, but now I’m going to have to give it another shot!

  2. pkudude99 says:

    EQ2 was my primary game from launch for about 6 years. I have something like 17 characters. Of them all, my favorite is still far an away my Coercer. But with that said, Coercer is the absolute last class I would suggest to start at 85. The biggest reason for that is simply that Coercers are a very subtle class, not straight up nukers, so you really need the leveling up period to learn the nuances. There’s a reason why most dungeon bosses are control immune, and that reason is coercers. . . . but you have to know the class to do that, and that requires a lot of trial and error, and that requires time spent leveling.

    My other favorites are warlock, shadowknight, dirge, and inquisitor.

    From my own experience, I’d probably start a defiler at 85. In the lower levels they solo very slowly, (See Here, here, here, here, and here) so the bump to 85 would be a huge boon for that class.

    For my favorite classes, I liked them all along, so leveling them up from 1 would be absolutely fine for me. For the slower ones, them I’d bump.

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