EQ: SoE should ensure cross game communication

So the Everquest franchise will continue to expand with the launch of the crafting focused MMO Everquest Next Landmark later this year and at some unknown date in the future the actual Everquest Next MMORPG. That’ll be five different Norrath games players can find themselves in. I already read blogs of players who play both Everquest (1) and Everquest 2. Just imagine how complex this is all going to be for guilds and communities in the future!

This is where Sony Online Enterainment could be innovating on communication. They are already pretty advanced compared to most companies since they allow (or at least allowed) cross server and cross game communication by tell or mail (disclaimer: I’m basing this on forum posts I’ve found, not on actual experience). That’s pretty amazing compared to say Turbine’s DDO and LOTRO communities which are kept pretty separate.

Where could they go with this though? A chat client for smart phones would be an obvious idea, like Blizzard’s WoW app based on the Battle.Net platform. How about an Everquest Next Landmark client for tablets (like the iPad) so players can at least explore the creations of others while sat on the sofa? Such a client should also allow them to chat to guildmates of course. Perhaps the most important change would be cross game guilds spanning the whole franchise. That would really allow communities to remain in touch as more options open up.

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2 Responses to EQ: SoE should ensure cross game communication

  1. bhagpuss says:

    When it works, you can create custom chat channels in one SOE game and people can join them from another. I’ve used it many times. It definitely works across EQ/EQ2/Vanguard and it used to work from SWG. It doesn’t work from DCUO (which has one of the worst chat systems ever seen) and I very much doubt it works from any of the games SOE publish but don’t create, like Dragon’s Prophet and Wizardry Online.

    It really ought to work with EQNext and what’s more it should get an upgrade so that it works consistently and with ease of access. Cross-game voice chat would be nice, too.

  2. acbarberi says:

    Personally, I would not want a special in-game chat channel for communicating cross-game, however, I think a feature like Blizzards Battle.Net which allows “friends” to communicate between games would be a nice feature. I am definitely planning on playing EverQuest Next.

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