GW2: it’s just a hunk of rock, but its mine

I finally got the Bazaar Companion achievement done and as a result have my very own rock (Gift of Quartz) in my home instance. I suspect I’ll probably forget to mine within a day or two given the amount of waypoints involved in getting there.


The final three or four achievements of the sixteen to get the reward were a slog for me personally. Running Sanctum Sprint, a crazy Mariocart style racing track, wasn’t my favourite (hint: it involves a lot of jumping).


Competitive jumping puzzles aren’t my style

Nor was doing the hidden zone jumping puzzles to get enough of the kites either. I think given the lack of playtime I had for this the whole thing seemed to rushed. That’s hardly ArenaNet’s fault, this update came at a busy time for me and I missed the first week due to a holiday.

Where's my lightning jump ability when I need it!?

Where’s my lightning jump ability when I need it!?

I’m glad I was able to complete the achievement but I think I may skip the next Living Story just to have a break from achievement-chasing. There’s still a ton of this game for me to explore from the launch content and I think a change of pace is badly needed if I’m not to feel burned out.

I happened to find a celestial inscription recipe and had most of the materials to make it so I did a quick crafting session to finish off. That then led to me looking at what weapons an artificer could make with said inscription. It turns out the orange weapons that result (with a bonus to all stats) are account bound on acquire – you can’t craft and sell them!

Look what I made!

Look what I made!

At first I was seriously annoyed I couldn’t craft another of these lovely staves for my asura  buddy – Meznir. Still this lack of trading is probably why the weapon recipes are so cheap on the Black Lion Trading Post – only 5 silver for the recipe to craft this staff. Yes, I’d found the inscription recipe but not any recipe to make a weapon with it! One quick trip to the Trading Post for the recipe and some spare Orichalcum (also very cheap at only 8 silver a bar) and I had a shiny new staff to use!

So I’m left feeling neutral about the Living Story as it stands. I hope ArenaNet finds a slightly less frantic pace for this content, and ideally a better way to tell stories other than through achievement ticklists. Despite my or other bloggers misgivings I will say the server seems as busy as ever so clearly they’re keeping a lot of other gamers engaged.

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