EQ2: A mini live event

A few days ago I ran into the crafting hall of New Halas on my server only to see this strange fellow sat by the entrance – an anonymous player with a quest marker (in EQ2 anonymous means their name is displayed in pink, no class or level)?


This halfling proceeded to ask me and other passers-by to do simple tasks for him, in character. I agreed to make some oak chairs (he was complaining he couldn’t use the human sized crafting stations comfortably), quickly accessed my bank and set to. Upon handing over the goods I received a platter of pies for my house as a reward.

Just out of interest I hung around for a while at a discreet distance and enjoyed the interactions the little guy was having with other heroes.


I was rewarded by seeing this impressive giant of a man lumbering up the path. The interaction between a little halfling and this towering hero was very amusing to witness. The crafting zone became, at least briefly, a bit of a nexus for roleplayers on the server; attracted to the guided event. Guides are community volunteers in EQ2 who provide activities on each server on a weekly basis at varying times of day and on different days of the week. I’ve never bumped into one before, though there is actually a page on the forums I’d forgotten about that advertises the approximate time and location of such events.

It’s nice on occasion to take a break from chasing progression long enough to actually enjoy the company of other players from the wider community.

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