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FFXIV: re-trialling the game and guilds

So I finally had a chance to download the live client and step into FFXIV this morning. The game downloaded quickly (thank you fibre Internet!) and I logged in first time without any errors to the Balmung server. After finally … Continue reading

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4x games in space

Syp¬†of Bio Break has just completed a series of posts telling the session-by-session events of a game of Masters of Orion. That’s a pretty classic 4x game set in space, but actually it’s not my favourite of the genre. I … Continue reading

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GW2: where story meets zerg

Had a session of Guild Wars 2 yesterday with my returned Asura buddy. This was fitting since it was the first anniversary of the games launch. We ran over to Divinity’s Reach first to check out the story although I … Continue reading

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EQ2: matching outfits and decor

Everquest 2 has a ton of cosmetic items for character’s wardrobes and for the housing system. As I come towards the later parts of the volcanic Lavastorm zone I’ve unlocked the ability to craft special appearance armour with a hot … Continue reading

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LOTRO: Bounder’s bounty

So out of curiosity I took a first stab at playing Lord of the Rings Online during the Bounder’s Bounty server event. Logging in there was no festival-style pop-up quest waiting. I knew from the Dev Diary entry that the … Continue reading

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Two interesting tidbits

A couple of items from my reader really interested me today. Firstly a discussion of a quote on subscriptions via Bio Break: 1.Fewer players will try your game. … 4. Also, the subscription model will put pressure on players to … Continue reading

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Server event in LOTRO

I’ve just read about the Bounder’s Bounty event for Lord of the Rings Online and it sounds interesting. Cooperative server-wide events can be a fun activity to get people playing together and chatting beyond their immediate guild (Kin) or circle … Continue reading

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