Dailies as a reward for playing

Bhagpuss had a nice ironic post yesterday on the apparent trend for dailies, dailies and more dailies in MMOs. I find myself just as ambivalent towards this trend. The EQ2 dailies seems innocuous enough at present; do two activities from a good-sized list means you’re likely to do them without much extra effort. That’s actually the key point for me, I have no problem with dailies being there as an optional extra.

In Guild Wars 2 the five daily achievements is potentially a bit too directive – i.e. you find yourself, as Bhagpuss mentions, spending weekday game sessions solely doing these “shopping lists” of activities. This has certainly happened for my partner and I; when we do play we’re too busy doing the dailies towards the meta-achievement (and crystal node!) to actually progress our next pair of leveling characters. There are of course two types or layers of dailies in GW2; the existing 5 a day for the laurel/gold plus the multi-day tasks for the Living Story meta-achievements (e.g. mining 25 crystal to transmute at a place of power). The second half of the Living Story even links the two meaning you should do a normal laurel daily to then progress the multi-day meta for supporting your candidate of choice. Confused? I wouldn’t blame you, someone at ArenaNet likes achievements a little too much…

I don’t particularly want to feel like I *have* to do such activities every day, that’s just too needy for a hobby. I feel that dailies as a ‘reward’ for playing are ok; for instance in EQ2 they’re just another way to earn certain veteran rewards (pets, costume stuff etc) by saving up the reward tokens. The laurel rewards in Guild Wars 2 are the same sort of inducement to play but with gear as the reward for saving up enough. The added layer of time limited dailies though I find less welcome. I don’t want a game to expect me to play every day, nor even to play X days within a short time period – that’s just too needy!

Do you think all dailies are equal, or are some better than others?

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2 Responses to Dailies as a reward for playing

  1. Meznir says:

    It is the deadline to the living stories that are the problem with GW2 new content. It would be wonderful if they were saying “Here’s some new content for you, do it when you want”, but they aren’t, it’s “Here’s some new stuff for a strictly limited time that you must rush to do or miss it”

  2. bhagpuss says:

    I think it’s the limited time factor that tips these things from acceptable background opportunities to directive foreground demands. That and the sheer quantity that ANet delight in. Five dailies is at least two too many and every Achievement requires at least double, often quadruple the number of iterations that feels natural.

    I’m beginning to come round to the view that it’s not the principle of Dailies and Achievements that I object to, as a while back it would have been, it’s the execution. ANet especially is like a kid with a new toy. Let’s just hope the novelty wears off soon.

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