SWTOR: headless freaks and helpful droids

Playing a brief session of SWTOR on our Imperial trio we did a heroic and some class missions. It seems Nar Shaddaa is haunted by some weird undead, or a very strange species of alien I’m not familiar with…

Notice the picture in my target display...

Notice the picture in my target display…

Yes, all of the Vomba hijackers in the heroic and my class mission instance were lacking heads, but not eyeballs! Very weird – it also happened on all three of our screens so it wasn’t just my client freaking out for a session. At least the quest item didn’t bug out this time.


On a more positive note I really enjoyed the heroic we did near the Imperial faction spaceport.


As part of this heroic (Terminal Injuries) we had to activate a bunch of security droids. They then proceed to wander a set patrol route fighting any enemy mobs in their way. So as the group we get to decide how much we want to clear unaided and how much we want these tough elite droids to help. It’s a nice tactical choice to have. There are other instances of such NPC helpers to be found if you know where – I can think of several deactivated droids in flashpoints that you can reactivate with the right crew skill.

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  1. Shintar says:

    That bug isn’t limited to heroics, rather it seems to affect random character models across the game. There’s even a quest giver on Tython that’s currently only a pair of floating eyeballs, extra creepy when you see it up close in a cut scene! Personally I mostly find it amusing though; it’s just one of those bugs that makes you go: “why?!”

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