GW2: Looking Ahead post on GW2 website

There’s an interesting “looking ahead” post on the Guild Wars 2 website written by the Game’s Director Colin Johanson. It provides an updated longer view of the development strategy for ArenaNet’s MMO.

Highlights for me in this long post were:

  1. “some of our focuses will include improving our existing world bosses.”
  2. “expanding the number of dynamic events across the world.”
  3. “Champions in the game will be updated so each will always drop a guaranteed reward box for any player that qualifies for a reward from the boss.”
  4. “We’ll begin regularly adding new skills and traits to the game for each profession to expand your characters and builds!”
  5. “We’ll expand all crafting professions to allow them to reach a new milestone: 500 points!”

There’s lots more in there, such as updates on PVP and WVW that I’ll pass over for this post; it’s well worth reading the original article in full! A couple of more detailed thoughts on the list above:

A focus on open world content

The improvements to world bosses, new dynamic events and better rewards from champions are very welcome, and I hope will encourage the wider playerbase to continue to engage with open world content. Not everyone has seen every fight and every zone yet even a year after launch; so more reasons for experienced players to engage with ‘old’ content are important!

Horizontal progression

Looking at this overall I’m rather happy with this “course correction” (as the linked Massively’s summary article calls it). Returning to the Guild Wars 1 concept of horizontal progression through skills and character builds sounds like a much better direction for this non-standard MMO than tiers of gear obtained through grinding dungeons. We have continued skill point gains through ‘leveling’ after the level cap at 80, yet there isn’t much to spend these on once you’ve unlocked all the available skills. Whilst discussing the Johanson post, my partner commented that it’d be nice to have optional or replacement weapon skills eventually to give even more variety; I wonder if that too might be a possibility?

More meaningful crafting

I’ll be interested in how the crafting gets expanded. I like the idea that crafters could make ascended gear, not everyone likes dungeon running to collect gear tokens or drops! Perhaps this could eventually give us something that’ll sell well on the trading post? The linked article also talks about addressing the junk value of blue and green quality item drops, that too could do something to improve the in-game economy eventually from a crafter’s perspective I hope.

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