Weirdest news item I’ve read in a long time…

So I’m back from a wonderful week’s holiday and I have a gaming related post inspired by this to follow later this week. Amongst the backlog of RSS blog posts and Massively articles I found this update on Age of Wushu. The short post announced a new system for the Chinese version of the game, this system being for the ritual castration of player avatars in-game.


Yes, the developers of this martial-arts themed MMORPG seem to think it’s a good idea to have rather brutal mutilation of characters as a pre-requisite for joining a newly added cult. The video  linked in the Massively post shows the Chinese UI and has a Chinese voice-over so I have no idea what’s going on. In any case the author of the article, Jef Reahard, did include a nice one-liner to introduce this bizarre addition to the game.

Click past the cut to see a snippet of castration gameplay for yourself

I’m tired from a long day of travel, but is there really any need for this sort of gameplay in an MMO?

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