Navel gazing

N.B. I have a couple of more reflective posts scheduled while I’m AFK, so please excuse any delay in my replies if there are comments left!

There’s been a certain amount of ‘navel gazing’ in the MMO blogosphere recently. Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob and Ravious of Kill Ten Rats have posts ruminating on whether blogging, at least in the MMORPG space, is fading away. I’d have to agree to some extent, several of the most prolific and entertaining blogs which inspired me to start my own are now rarely updated – Nils’ MMO blog and We Fly Spitfires come to mind as examples.

Blogging for me started as an excuse to practice writing something regularly. I was (at the start in early 2011) about to embark on a Masters course and wanted to get some practice at expressing myself in the written form more than my day job requires. Certainly I’ve achieved the regularity – 721 posts in 890 days since I launched the blog (0.8 posts per day) even if my self-editing still needs a lot of work!

When I started the blog I was already devouring MMO gaming news on a daily basis and spending a good number of hours every week playing these games as well. So writing about something that was a part of my life required no big extra effort. If I continue academically beyond the Masters I’m about to finish I may choose to write more analytical posts occasionally just to stretch the depth of my writing. That said I do like the blog in its current form as a gaming diary and outlet for my thoughts on this my main hobby.

Despite the negativity about the genre and hobby on several of these navel-gazing posts I’m actually vaguely optimistic that things may have turned a corner. The rise of some high profile new games like Final Fantasy XIV ARR, Everquest Next, Shroud of the Avatar and Star Command all leave me with hope that there’ll be something worth writing about for some time to come!

Thanks for reading all.

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