SWTOR: legacy companions

One comment from my SWTOR trio static group is that some classes has a better selection of companions than others. When picking a class to play do you accept reading spoilers to see what your companion choices will be or roll the dice and accept whatever the devs deem to give you?

There are of course some alternatives now that are not tied to a given class, such as HK-51 and the new Ewok Treek (coming with patch 2.3). But these are not easily obtained, especially for newer players. In particular my partner wanted a droid or a smaller companion, as luck would have it I get to play my Jedi Knight with a droid companion constantly while he’s stuck with Qyzen or Tharan. Similarly with our Imperial trio it’s my bounty hunter that ends up with a Jawa companion. We avoid wiki spoilers as much as possible when playing MMORPGs so this is just how it worked out based on which roles and faction we chose to play.

Legacy T7's for everyone?

Legacy T7’s for everyone?

So could Bioware introduce a mechanic to allow for some more flexibility of companion choice in future? They can keep adding more to the store of course, but how about a legacy unlock for companions? Sure they wouldn’t work with the class story missions that well but having more choice of companion outside of these missions would be nice. It’d be a nice bonus to the legacy system to be able to unlock a companion for all characters, probably as a reward for completing that companions personal-mission series.



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