SWTOR: Securing a galaxy far, far away

I’ve recently bought a security key for SWTOR, actually the first time I’ve had a physical code generator key like this.


Up until now I’ve used smartphone apps instead to secure some MMOs (notably SWTOR when I was a subscriber and Rift). I was very surprised that this was available in the UK, one of bad things about not being in the USA (or at least North America) is that the extras like this that relate to games are often rare if available at all. But in this case kudos to Bioware, the key only costs £2.99 including delivery!

Now if only I could get one for Everquest 2 and LOTRO…

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3 Responses to SWTOR: Securing a galaxy far, far away

  1. Meznir says:

    I still think it’s rubbish you can’t use the app if you’re not a subscriber – kudos removed for that!

  2. Shintar says:

    To be fair, it was unavailable in Europe for over a year and they only recently made it available again. Also, the one they sent me had a flat battery and I’m now waiting to get a replacement sorted… /sigh.

    • Telwyn says:

      Yes that’s the big problem – these hardware authenticators are rarely available to ‘poor’ Europeans. It annoys me as smartphone apps are not without their issues. I hope they send you a new one soon! I had the smartphone one for a while when I was still sub and even after I was accumulating the free cartel coins until I went an removed the app from my account (as a precaution before a major iOS update). Then I found out I couldn’t re-add it as a non-subscriber (as Mez highlights below).

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