Games that fall off the roster

I have a lot of MMOs installed on my computer at present: eighteen according to my ‘All Progams’ menu. I haven’t played ten of them for over 6 months but I have plenty of disk space and tend to leave games lying around “just in case”.

Still there have been some notable games that have ‘fallen off’ my active roster of games more recently and not necessarily for an obvious reason. I do not cull games lightly,  perhaps the most common reason is that I have too many games and one just gets forgotten for no real fault of its own.



I’ve always wanted to like Rift a little more than I actually do I fear. One of those cases where you want to support a developer for working really hard to produce a polished game and a steady stream of content. At its heart I still feel Rift is a shallow-ish MMORPG focused on endgame activities a la WoW. So it’s great if you want raiding or PVP with more options for alt-leveling and some good short-session content (like Instant Adventures). The storytelling has its moments, but is a bit lacklustre compared to other games. I sadly haven’t felt happy with the games general community (on Icewatch nor on Argent) since the launch of the expansion.

My first time back in game after the free to play relaunch didn’t go so well. I had someone taking a mining node that I was fighting practically on top off, an attempted Instant Adventure that had one other player in who was off questing outside the area (at peak time on the weekend) and the general ‘meh’ feeling of being so underlevel for the next zone.




Tera was a game I wanted to like because I have wanted, for over a year, to give a more Asian-flavoured MMO a proper go. Aion seemed pointless to level in with the heavy PVP emphasis. Tera oozes graphical fidelity, and a very unique art style. But sadly the community weirded me out a bit (some of the worst chat spam I have ever seen) and the game takes shallow, from a content perspective, to new depths. I’ll also hold up my hand and admit that the combat can be a bit too frantic for my tastes. I game to relax, not to get an adrenaline rush – so my interest in this game faded away. I’ve also had more problems with Tera performing badly than any other MMO to date, and I hate having to do tech support at home.



This is a clear case of not having the time. It’s an interesting enough game with some good casual grouping content. I think I’d rather wait to see how the game develops a bit before spending much more time on it though as the problems with the auction house and the exploits left me feeling it could have done with some more beta time before it launched. In any case I suspect we’ll return to it at some point, but for now it’s on the shelf.


Have you dropped a game from your gaming schedule recently, and if so, why?

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3 Responses to Games that fall off the roster

  1. Kib says:

    I totally understand what you are saying. In fact, I wrote a similar post on my own blog yesterday. In my own personal opinion, there seems to be something missing from more recent MMOs to keep me an active player. I’ve most recently put the pause button on Guild Wars 2. I adore the game. The look and feel of the game is, again in my opinion, top notch and I cared enough about the main story arc to level a few characters to maximum level. What’s the problem then? For me, once you completed the story, it just felt that I was holding my breath for the next big thing. I’m happy ArenaNet are rolling out updates and new content on a regular basis, but it seems to me that these content updates are just fluff. Things to keep people preoccupied. Sadly for me, it’s not working. Like yourself, I have dabbled in Rift. I enjoy that too, but again it seems to be missing that ‘hook’ to grab me. I’ve not thrown in the towel on that one just yet though. Still a few more avenues I’ve not taken yet. Who knows, I might find what I’m looking for.

    • Telwyn says:

      Guild Wars 2 is technically still on my rotation but only because I have some friends and family who play it. The game is aching beautiful but the gameplay is lacking something I feel. I’ve commented on your latest post to the same effect but why not give EQ2 a try, if you haven’t already?

      • Meznir says:

        I’m really hoping the addition of housing may give GW2 more impetus – more incentive to do things if we get nice stuff for our home. It all depends on what those things are though. If they make it mainly things gained via dungeons rather than the real world, that would ruin it.

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