EQ2: half way there

My main character in Everquest 2, my inquisitor, dinged level 50 last night. So I’m just over half way to the lofty level cap of 95 in this game now.


It feels good to be making progress again, despite the ever-present temptation to work on crafting alts at the same time. I tend to harvest crafting materials a lot while playing EQ2; there are more types of gatherables than any other MMO that I’ve played so far! This means I end every session with a ‘banking pass’ through all my characters as I shuffle stacks of new materials around for safe keeping.

Say what?

Say what?

I’m having fun with the native goblins in Lavastorm so far. The interweaving quest chains have me simultaneously studying them for the NPCs at the Shrine of Thunder  and also attempting to earn their trust as a new faction. Faction vendors in EQ2 sell a mix of adventuring gear upgrades, housing items and appearance items. The advantage the game seems to have over more modern MMOs is that the pace of leveling is slower, so you actually have time to earn some of the rewards before you’ve outleveled them or finished the zone. Of course I’m not taking all the possible shortcuts to maximise leveling speed (like XP potions or using the “AA slider” to increase my leveling speed) either so this isn’t true for everyone.

Learning their language hasn't helped...

Learning their language hasn’t helped…

The quest dialogue is amusing, as is the goblins reactions to my activities and their combat dialogues (humanoids often say a line or two at the start and end of combat in EQ2).


Taking a taxi ride on a flaming steed for one particular quest I caught a glimpse of the much higher areas of the island in the North. It looks like my adventures here are only just beginning!

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