SWTOR: companions

I’ve stated before that, for me personally, I’d much rather be playing SWTOR cooperatively in a duo or trio than solo. I think the leveling content is simply more enjoyable with some friends on voicechat (we use Skype).


I’ve also written more than once how much I like the companion system in SWTOR overall. It offers a great way to fill an undersized flashpoint group and an extra layer to the class story cutscenes. I also like the little one-liners the companions give as ‘background noise’ to your current location. Companions make duo or trio play a lot more viable than it is in other MMOs, you don’t have to resort to overgearing or overleveling everything.


But there are complications to group play that are hard to avoid; these are logistical issues mostly. There’s the need to swap companions around just to compare new gear – usually all three of us will get a mission reward that’s worth checking and then as a group we have to stand there swapping companions in and out for a few minutes. Also only one of us gets to gain rep (or lose it!) with our active companion during any non-class missions since the group is full. It’s a shame we can’t “holo-in” the missing companions for cutscenes!

I suppose the upside is that we don’t have to rely on companions that we really don’t like – solo you pretty much have to use them regardless. Other than the odd mandatory appearance for a class mission custcene, we haven’t really used Khem at all. I’m growing to actively dislike Mako as well as she seems far too ‘goody-two-shoes’ to have survived growing up in and around bounty hunters on Nal Hutta…



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  1. Meznir says:

    It’s a real shame when playing trio that we can only have 1 companion out for conversations etc. I understand not having them all for combat (a team of 6 running around would be massively OP) but it could easily compare gear to the inactive companion (after all the companion is still ‘chosen’ in your list, they just can’t appear due to the max limit) and it would be great to still get rep with them and comment in conversations 😦

  2. Shintar says:

    I agree the companion system is very grouping-friendly in general. For example I’ve noticed that (at least on my server) people are willing to wait a very long time for someone who’s suffered a DC in a flashpoint instead of kicking them from the group. Why? Most of the time you can just whip out a companion while they are gone and continue anyway.

    I agree that in a trio affection gains in particular are a bit of a pain, but do keep an eye on the quest completion window – sometimes you will gain or lose affection with your active companion even if you don’t have them out during the conversation! You won’t see the little +/- icon for gaining/losing affection either, it will just surprise you with an affection gain or loss in the summary at the end as your companion reacted quietly “in the background”. I’m not sure when it does and doesn’t happen; I’ve just noticed that it pretty much always seems to be the case in flashpoints (where nobody has their companion out and yet all of our companions will have an opinion on what we just did, hm…)

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep a closer eye on whether I’m gaining rep behind the scenes. Admittedly we rarely do flashpoints so it’s less likely we’d have noticed that going on…

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