FFXIV: character reset vs character wipe

Yesterday (Friday) I was contemplating the new beta phase of Final Fantasy XIV, which started at 9:00am (seriously, do they think all the beta testers are unemployed or at school?).

Writing this over breakfast I was reading the FAQ for the beta with the mention of a character ‘wipe’ that will occur when beta phase 3 ends and beta phase 4 begins (I don’t know when this will occur). That had me worried for a while; what if my version 1.0 character falls victim to the character wipe? That would really upset me for some reason despite the fact I didn’t get that far into the game at launch. Part of why I want to come back to the game is to carry on with this character! This is just semantics of course, but to me a character wipe sounds like you’d lose the character completely (which will be the case I guess for new characters made during the current beta phase).

I had a look on the Beta forums and thankfully found a clarification that offers me hope (Checking the details of the NDA, it appears I can freely quote from the FAQ in phase 3)

Character data from FFXIV Version 1.0 will be transferred and implemented in phase 3 in order to test the porting process. After fixing bugs that occur, we will wipe imported character data. This character data will be transferred and officially implemented in phase 4 of the beta test.

Source of this quote is the North American beta FAQ (beta login required to see this on the beta forums). Perhaps I’m misreading that but it does sound to me like my version 1.0 character will be re-imported in his time-frozen state from the end of version 1.0 for phase 4 of the beta. It’s good news for motivation to play the game, but I’m not a fan of repeating content on the same character. This leaves me tempted to hold off until phase 4 before giving the game a proper go …

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2 Responses to FFXIV: character reset vs character wipe

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I don’t have a v1.0 character to import. I played it but only while it was free and as far as I know they only kept the characters of paying customers. I had assumed, though, that it would work as you describe. If not, what would be the point of importing the characters to Phase 3 at all? Not to test high-level content, because they already had the NPC that buffed you up for that.

    It was my understanding that the importing of characters into Phase 3 was for the purposes of testing the import mechanism itself so it would work smoothly for Phase 4/Live, when the characters would be permanent.

    I’m pretty sure it will be the stored version from 1.0 that you end up playing, not a re-stored, further-leveled one from Phase 3. I’m going slowly because it can’t be that long now before we start for real. I would say I’m concentrating on bug testing like a good tester but I can honestly say I have yet to encounter a bug. People may or may not like FFXIV:ARR but they certainly can’t say it doesn’t work smoothly.

    • Telwyn says:

      Yes it makes sense how they’re doing it. The only issue I’ve found so far is that I have to manually set my laptop to play using the gaming graphics card since there’s no profile in the nVidia software to automate that process.

      For the rest of this phase I think I’ll concentrate on checking out what is new, things like the FATE system for instance. That may, or may not, have an impact on whether I decide to play post relaunch.

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