SWTOR: grouping and the 2.3 flashpoints

Rohan’s post on the new flashpoints in the upcoming Cerkza-themed patch is interesting. The story version of the instances will not require a full trinity (see patchnotes), so this is basically a 4-person version of scenarios a la World of Warcraft. The hard mode versions of said instances will, however, require a full trinity setup as normal.

From my own perspective it would make it easier for our Imperial trio (in the far distant future) to jump into this type of content. But then we are playing a full trinity (plus off-healer or dps companion), so it’s not aimed at us. No, as Rohan hints,  it’s aimed at alleviating queue problems for the instance finder; the implication being that there aren’t enough tanks and healers queueing for this content.

My initial concern would be that this pushes SWTOR, a story heavy game, even further down the “stop watching the cutscenes and GOGOGO!” route. But perhaps this easier-mode option will allow us to see more content in future as a three-man group that otherwise we wouldn’t manage?

In any case I’m not bothering to play my end-game character at the moment, the Imperial group is enough SWTOR time for me in the week, but even if I were I certainly wouldn’t be chain-pugging new flashpoints for gear; so clearly, I’m not the intended audience for this change in content.

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