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WoW: couldn’t have said it better

There were two separate blog posts yesterday that hit the mark for me. They encapsulated two very core frustrations I have with the game and why I’m not keen to re-subscribe in a hurry. Rohan talks about ammo and reagents, … Continue reading

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SWTOR: F2P model and Makeb

Shintar has a post about the upcoming anniversary of the free to play conversion of SWTOR. It’s a balanced post and I agree with all of the points made (such as the value it places on the subscription and the … Continue reading

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Dailies as a reward for playing

Bhagpuss had a nice ironic post yesterday on the apparent trend for dailies, dailies and more dailies in MMOs. I find myself just as ambivalent towards this trend. The EQ2 dailies seems innocuous enough at present; do two activities from … Continue reading

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EQ Next: excited? there’s a bit of a catch…

The excitement levels are ramping up for Everquest Next, Massively has a less than scientific poll about how excited people are for this upcoming sandboxy MMO by Sony Online Entertainment (SoE). The game will be previewed for the first time … Continue reading

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SWTOR: headless freaks and helpful droids

Playing a brief session of SWTOR on our Imperial trio we did a heroic and some class missions. It seems Nar Shaddaa is haunted by some weird undead, or a very strange species of alien I’m not familiar with… Yes, … Continue reading

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WoW: feelings about resubbing

While I was away, Stubborn of Sheep the Diamond, wrote a great post discussing his feelings about whether to resub to World of Warcraft. I have to say I empathise a lot with this post and the powerful, lingering effect … Continue reading

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GW2: Looking Ahead post on GW2 website

There’s an interesting “looking ahead” post on the Guild Wars 2 website written by the Game’s Director Colin Johanson. It provides an updated longer view of the development strategy for ArenaNet’s MMO. Highlights for me in this long post were: … Continue reading

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