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GW2: give in to the chaos?

When I sit down to play a MMO I often have a goal or two in mind, quite possibly only something vague but a general idea of what I want to continue or finish on a given character. I’m very … Continue reading

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Chasing free to play populations

The conversion of Rift to Free to Play is the latest in quite a long series of such conversions; DDO, LoTRO, EQ2, Conan, Star Trek Online, Vanguard, The Secret World, SWTOR, Tera, Rift – the list goes on and on … Continue reading

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EQ2: Back for some crafting

Just for a change last night I logged back into EQ2 to do some gathering and crafting. Gathering in EQ2 never has to just be gathering, since it has shinies as well. The jumping mount combined with “say no to … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2: mixed mode gameplay (edited: now with more fur)

[edit: I was missing pictures for section 2 when I wrote this post, so I’ve expanded the Charr daily section.] Last night’s Guild Wars 2 session came in several parts or modes: 1. Pressing through Orr for personal story We’re … Continue reading

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Free to play imagined and reality

Rohan of Blessing of Kings has a post linking to and discussing another blog post by Klepsacovic. Rohan discusses and expands on Klepsacovic’s post about the disconnect between the apparent imagined version of the free to play model and the reality most companies in … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Imperial trio progress

The latest session of our Imperial trio involved us closing in on the end of the Dromund Kaas mission arc and some heroic ‘fun’. I’ve said before that I love the group content in SWTOR and overall heroic 4’s are … Continue reading

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Weekend mixed bag

Amidst study and travel to see family, I did manage to squeeze in a few gaming sessions. Our Imperial leveling trio played again, our Juggernaut tank’s problems with heroic zone mobs having excessive stuns chimes rather well with the latest … Continue reading

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