SWTOR: Hammer Station’s darker side

Imperial trio last night, a very successful session despite some connection issues.


Finishing off Dromund Kaas quick-smart we ran around a Dark Temple and did class stories and dealt with some crazed cultists.

Davros? *runs for the stairs*

Davros? *runs for the stairs*

Grabbing our starships and zooming over to the Imperial station, our next task was to clear that nagging Flashpoint daily from our logs – time for Hammer Station Imperial-style!

Nice shortcut

Nice shortcut

It was getting late as we started, so I was very happy to be able to activate the above-pictured drill as a shortcut to the first boss. That went down without us breaking a sweat and we made very quick progress then to the second boss.


Come closer and burn!


The difficulty for the instance was ok, despite us running as a trio + companion. We started on level for the related mission about halfway through level 17 and ended the instance all having dinged 19. We had a couple of deaths but the other two managed to avoid a wipe long enough for the third player to respawn and run back in. I really appreciate that one character’s death did not automatically lead to a wipe here.

It was a bonus XP weekend so we dinged about three levels in total over the session. A bit disturbingly fast progress for my tastes but in the end we wanted to play together so, *shrug*. I received two different new helmets, both rather ugly pith helmet types. I need to find myself a decent, nicely styled, orange helmet so I can avoid these fashion-monstrosities in future…

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  1. Shintar says:

    Yeah, nice-looking bounty hunter hats are a pain to find in the low levels in particular. I just hid mine until I could start wearing an orange one I liked in the low thirties.

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