GW2 patch notes and the class balancing rollercoaster

The Guild Wars 2 forums has a lot of threads complaining about the latest class changes that have come in yesterday’s patch (patch notes). I’ll avoid discussing the details of the mesmer-nerf or the ranger-nerf since that’s already online on the forums and elsewhere (e.g. mesmer forums, ranger forums).

Although I enjoy the character customisation in the game I’m afraid I never got into theory-crafting or min/maxing that deeply in this game. In fact thinking on this I haven’t really spent that much time min/maxing in any game since I stopped actively playing WoW. I used to spend a lot of time reading forums and news sites (like MMO Champion) to keep up with class changes in WoW but over time I think I just got jaded to this never ending class balancing “rollercoaster”. I chose this description because I speaks to the sudden sharp climbs and plummeting drops that patches bring over the years of a game’s life – and it’s a circular journey with cycles of feeling overpowered and periods of feeling underpowered.

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I grew tired of spending all that time on a class ‘build’ only for the developer to pull the rug from under you when they change key skills or attributes; all in the name of class balance. So these days I simply don’t care that much. I’ve played mesmer as my main in Guild Wars 2 since the launch, simply because I played that class in the first game and loved the style of it. I chose two-handed sword and staff as my two weapons not because some build guide tells me their competitive or overpowered – I chose them because I like the skillset each brings and the graphics for those skills.

Does this endless class balancing affect your experience of MMO gaming? Does it make you more or less likely to spend the time crafting or perfecting a character build?

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3 Responses to GW2 patch notes and the class balancing rollercoaster

  1. Shintar says:

    I don’t really care about having the perfect build or anything like that, but I absolutely hated the constant class changes in WoW as well. It’s really discouraging when you’re comfortable playing your class (regardless of power level relative to others) and then you log in one day and everything is different. Worst case you might feel completely alienated from your character and not want to play them anymore. I got quite anxious when SWTOR updated its talent trees with the expansion as well, but fortunately they didn’t change too much.

  2. Mekhios says:

    Doesn’t really worry me Telwyn. I play GW2 very casually and jump in to have some fun. I have not even joined any 5-man’s recently. I don’t even have one of the special epic magical weapons (or whatever they are called). I leave my min/max’ing for EVE Online. 🙂

  3. Imakulata says:

    Having experienced the opposite, I learned to enjoy looking forward to what future brings. I don’t think it had an effect on my (quite positive) attitude to min-maxing either.

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