EQ2: urban questing and the Qeynos Timeline

One interesting aspect of EQ2, probably a newish thing that came with the city revamps, is the idea of urban quest chains. They seem to be grouped into sub-chains every 20 levels; some relate to the story of the city since the recent changes, while others are linked to the minority races living within the city. I believe the official EQ2 name for this is the Qeynos Timeline (spoiler-full wiki page)

A drunken dwarf, that's unusual...

A drunken dwarf, that’s unusual…

I’ve enjoyed the quests so far; a good mix of lore, NPC backstory and light-hearted humour. Doing these quests has helped me to feel a bit more rooted in Norrath since they deal with one of the two main cities in the world and several very iconic NPCs.

Encounter with royalty

Encounter with royalty

I’m not sure I’d want to repeat the same quest chains in a hurry on alts, but they are enjoyable and not too long or arduous. In any case they’re completely optional as far as I can see. I do welcome the change of pace given by a session tangled up in city politics and intrigue; it makes a change from slaying beasts and monsters in the wilds!

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