Rift: 4 new souls = all roles for all classes

This forum post has me interested in keeping an eye on plans for future Rift development. Supposedly the latest livestream (Twitch.tv link) included an announcement that there’ll be four more souls coming to the game in the future.

Healing Warrior
Support Cleric (same role as Archon/Bard/BM)
Healing Rogue (not support healing but full healing role)
Tanking Mage

This set of souls is much more interesting to me, personally, than those added in Storm Legion. I like the idea of a support cleric soul for my main character for instance, Archon on mage was interesting but I never leveled a mage high enough to test it in proper group content. Will the healing warrior be a Paladin-esque soul or something more original? Also, a tanking mage soul, hello!

The sad thing about this is the reaction on the forums, so many complaints! Rift seemed to me to try but fail at launch in really breaking down the MMO trinity role tropes (heavy armour tank, healing cleric etc). They had a rogue tank out of the box and a healer mage for instance. But they didn’t start with all four class archetypes having all four trinity+support roles; this future set of souls will fix all the gaps and I see that as a positive move.

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