Neverwinter: Alchemy profession

I haven’t been playing Neverwinter of late simply due to lack of time. However I did pop into game yesterday just to check out the new Alchemy crafting profession. Alchemy is my favourite profession in most MMOs and one I’m always happy to develop.


In Neverwinter this profession could take on an extra special importance. Despite there being a cleric healer class, the game encourages a good measure of self-sufficiency. It’s possible to solo as any class, even the ultra-squishy wizard. You can achieve this by eventually having a healer companion, but also by having a handy stock of healing potions to guzzle. They are effective, instant heals that have no cooldown.

My early concerns with the beta would be that my wizard would quickly become addicted to healing potions if he wasn’t grouped up with a cleric. I’ve certainly had to get over being stingy with said potions if I want to avoid dying. The connotation for me was that, perhaps, as you got higher level, you’d be needing to drink more of them and that you’d end up tempted to buy some from the cash store to avoid running out mid-adventure.


Now alchemy has been implemented in the game, so does this mean I can manufacture a supply of healing potions to stave of this worry? Probably it will if I can learn, apparently by random discovery, the right recipes. So far I’ve learned a “heal over time” potion (see screenshot below). This will be good for recovering health inbetween fights and may stave off defeat in a frantic battle but it’s not the lifesaver that a proper healing potion can be.


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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Potions have a 12 second cooldown when used in combat. They only have no CD if used out of combat.

    The next paragraph is semi-facetious, but only semi. . . .

    If you’re taking hits as a CW, you’re doing something wrong 😉 There’s a reason you can dodge 3x with your standard stamina allotment instead of all the other classes’ 2 times. Plus… *Control* Wizard. Between Chill Strike, Entangling Force, and Ray of Frost (for the freeze) you should be able to keep a controllable mob locked down at least 90% of the time, and be able to dodge it the other 10% of the time. Trash swarms generally are 1-shot by your “tabbed” Chill Strike. And after you hit level 20 you’ll have Shield and anything that gets close you can pop back using that as well.

    FWIW, I kept the cleric companion on my CW into my 50’s, but found that I really wasn’t taking enough damage to justify it, so in the final areas I was soloing with my Ioun Stone companion instead. I might need to use a potion 2-3 times in a dungeon was all. if even that. CW’s are surprisingly non-squishy . . . once you are used to using them as controllers, not full out dps’ers.

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