GW2: give in to the chaos?

When I sit down to play a MMO I often have a goal or two in mind, quite possibly only something vague but a general idea of what I want to continue or finish on a given character. I’m very used to this since MMOs are long-term gaming personified, it takes time to level or gear or develop a character so it makes sense to have goals both for the next play session and even the one after.  The issue with goals in Guild Wars 2 is that the game tends to constantly throw you curve balls. Note I deliberately chose to use the word ‘issue’ then and not ‘problem’. I’m not convinced that this is a bad thing as it does at least offer a very different pace to online gaming from the norm.

A subtle distraction...

A subtle distraction…

Please read this Guild Wars 2 Comic courtesy of, it illustrates my point wonderfully. [I could have inline linked the comic on this page but I’m very mindful of IP misuse for creative content so please do follow the link instead.]

Guild Wars 2 is a game full of distractions and temptations. I’ve seen posts on the forums where a certain type of player will state that anyone taking longer than 20 mins to do the daily achievements is “doing it wrong”. We’ve found ourselves often taking a lot longer to do it because we see a new chain of dynamic events to follow or “just one more vista”. I don’t see this as a bad thing though. I feel I’m enjoying GW2 much more now than at launch and part of that might be accepting the nature of the game rather than trying to impose my usual ordered/planned MMO approach onto it.


Stuff just happens around you in GW2 and it’s usually worth seeing what it’s about.

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2 Responses to GW2: give in to the chaos?

  1. bhagpuss says:

    GW2 may be the first MMO to officially endorse the playstyle I’ve personally been enjoying since, well, since I discovered MMOs I guess. My game-plan for most sessions has always been pretty much “Let’s go someplace and see what happens”. Either that or “Sorry – I’m sorting my bags”.

  2. Jeromai says:

    I grinned. In agreement. A lot. It’s nearly impossible for me to get map completion done, there’s always something else shiny and more interesting going on over the horizon.

    And my latest play sessions have been dilemmas of “Should I work on the event achievements, or choose/pick gear for my new warrior, or maybe I should do a dungeon or a fractal, or I could WvW on my guardian or thief or warrior, or indulge a sudden urge for lousily sPvPing and doing the PvP daily/monthly, or farm something for materials or gold…. or actually, I should be cleaning out my bags and bank because this latest event has stuffed them up to no end.”

    My inventory is still a mess. The sapling got me.

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