EQ2: Back for some crafting

Just for a change last night I logged back into EQ2 to do some gathering and crafting.


Gathering in EQ2 never has to just be gathering, since it has shinies as well. The jumping mount combined with “say no to grey aggro” (i.e. low level creatures ignore you completely) makes gathering a whole heap easier too.

Back at base – my bags overflowing with harvested wood, roots and ore – I settled into a crafting session.

'Go go go' crafting equivalent

‘Go go go’ crafting equivalent

I have to admit I realised part way through this session how “sub-optimal” my crafting technique was. I had at some point settled on just reacting to the ‘events’ as they occur. In actual fact the six different options have an effect on the next ‘tick’ of progress separate from the secondary “match the symbol” aspect. So I reread all the abilities and starting using number 6 as much as I dared to speed up progress. That’ll teach me for not paying enough attention during the crafting tutorial!

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