Guild Wars 2: mixed mode gameplay (edited: now with more fur)

[edit: I was missing pictures for section 2 when I wrote this post, so I’ve expanded the Charr daily section.]

Last night’s Guild Wars 2 session came in several parts or modes:

1. Pressing through Orr for personal story


We’re still not quite done on the personal story, after the last session it jumped two zones ahead of where we’d explored so we have a lot of undead bashing to do before we can continue. Pushing along west through our current zone we were also doing vistas and skill points when we could get at them (so many of the events are permanently up while Orr is neglected, it’s a *very* dangerous place at the moment for a lone duo of Asura). This champion one-shotted us both while we tried to get a skillpoint and due to the oft-contested waypoints we basically lost all progress westwards, so decided to try log an alt for a while rather than repeat.

2. Charr daily completion

Needing a change of pace after Orr we hopped over to play our Charr characters, who have languished mostly unplayed in their starter zone.

Finding interesting new places so close to home

Finding interesting new places so close to home

We’ve done dailies a few times on these two characters over the last week or so; therefore we’re starting to know where the best spots are for kill variety, events or group events. One very positive effect of the daily system is that players talk to one another in Map chat (the default zone chat channel) about events that are starting. If you’re stuck for where to go or what to do then just break out of the standard MMO solo mode and ask. If your server is anything like Piken Square you’ll have two or three almost immediate responses with the nearest Waypoint linked so you know where to go.

Group event in Ascalon

Group event in Ascalon

The only downside of this system is that events get completed very quickly so you can miss out on them by a matter of seconds if you’re not sure exactly where to go.

3. Human quartet

We also have a long abandoned human quartet of lowbies that we played near launch with two members of my family. After last weekend’s discussions about the game we were keen to get this group going again. So just as we completed our Charr daily-run they logged on and we swapped over. As luck would have it, the Shadow Behemoth appeared shortly after we’d got stuck into Queensdale.


None of us had seen this fight before so it was as exciting as a first-time dragon fight, albeit a rather short one (though to be fair I’ve seen Shatterer fights end just as quickly).

After the Behemoth was vanquished we looked for the vaguest of hints as to where the jumping puzzle was for this zone, since none of us had done that either. So we ran off to find the Demongrub Pits (spoilerific wiki page) following the vague hint.

This speech isn't for nothing...

This speech isn’t for nothing…

Despite my loathing of some of the jumping puzzles in GW2, this one was great fun. It probably works better to do it in a small group, with people looking for the best routes and someone to help against the fast respawning monsters. I much prefer jumping puzzles that are more about ‘finding the route’ than collapsing platforms and long chains of precision jumps (Southsun Cove, looking at you!).

Overall a great session!

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