Weekend mixed bag

Amidst study and travel to see family, I did manage to squeeze in a few gaming sessions. Our Imperial leveling trio played again, our Juggernaut tank’s problems with heroic zone mobs having excessive stuns chimes rather well with the latest tanking experiences of Shintar. I’ll post more about that session tomorrow.

I also had read the shock news that the EU PVE server Icewatch was being locked and turned into a ‘test realm’. This meant I wanted to get my main Rift character, a cleric, transferred off ASAP. Despite the chaotic population swell of this early F2P conversion period, I managed to login after patching and quickly moved him back to Argent, my original home server (EU RP). I wasn’t tempted to play beyond doing that move, other than receiving the ‘Patron’ rewards that come from my 12 month playtime.

Finally I had the chance to meet with family members who also play Guild Wars 2. We rarely play at the same times so dungeon groups have been few and far between, but talking out of game about our favourite classes and zones did up our enthusiasm for the game another notch.  I’m quietly optimistic we’ll get to do a few more dungeon runs or maybe even a guild challenge sometime soon.

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